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Improving and changing lives one day at a time

Carer and client enjoying ice-cream

Australian Fidelity Care Limited (AFCL) is a not-for-profit organisation serving to promote and improve the living conditions of those in the supported accommodation sector.

Housing is becoming a challenging issue for many, particularly for the vulnerable people in our society. Our vision is for everyone to have a right to a safe and comfortable environment that they can call home. 

Our mission is that in years to come; there will be fewer unsafe facilities and outdated practices, with more certified supported accommodations providing the highest level of services and care.

AFCL is working towards shifting how the industry is perceived and away from the institutionalised living that it was once known for to a more person-centered and community-based one.

What we do

Australian Fidelity Care provides solutions, systems and processes to support the needs of other not-for-profit organisations and residential service providers. Our experienced team also offers advice and guidance that help meet financial, governance, and compliance requirements.

Our Consultation Services

Administration and Records

Event Planning

Framework and Quality Assurances

Food Services Consultation

Registration Compliance

Management of Client Database

Forms and Templates

Internal Systems and ICT

HR and Staff Training

Branding and Marketing

Manuals and Guides

Audit Compliance

WHS Compliant

Risk Management

Finance Management

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