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About Australian Fidelity Care Limited

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Our story

Australian Fidelity Care Limited (AFCL) was established in 2000 with the aim of forging partnerships with residential providers who share the same goals of improving the current living conditions in the supported accommodation sector.

Lorraine Gorman, the founding Director of AFCL, is recognised as one of the pioneers advocating for people with disabilities in Queensland. With a strong vision for the rights of those without a voice, Lorraine spent the past four decades championing this cause, which now forms part of AFCL's core values and everything we do.


We can't change the past, but with your support, we can improve and create a better future for those who are in need.

The facts

Housing crisis and poor dwelling conditions are commonly faced by people with disability. The most at risk of homelessness are the ones living in short-term temporary accommodations or rentals and living alone.

Mental illness and the experience of being homeless are often interrelated, affecting an individual’s self-confidence and ability to attain employment or sustain their tenancy. In 2018-19, almost 30% of all people who received support from a specialist homelessness service also faced a mental health issue.*

Key findings on housing provision for people with disability

Disability is widespread across the Australian population, with 1 in 6 Australians having some form of disability (ABS 2019). A disability is any limitation, restriction, or impairment restricting everyday activities, be it physical, intellectual, sensory, or psychosocial (ABS 2019). About 5% of Australia’s homeless population are people with a profound or severe disability (ABS 2018). People with disability are a diverse group encompassing people across all socioeconomic and demographic groups (AIHW 2020).^

As an Australian Fidelity Care partner, your donations will help us continue to raise awareness within the supported accommodation sector and educate those who are vulnerable to help them exercise their rights to a decent standard of living.

*Specialist Homelessness Service (Annual Report 2020-2021)

^Specialist Homelessness Service (Annual Report 2020-2021)

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