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Our Board

Dr Rob Allan

Dr Robert Allan 

BSc (Medicine), MBA, LLM, MCouns, PhD Psychology


Rob is a multifaceted professional, combining the roles of a Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Counsellor, Author, and speaker. With a diverse career spanning medicine, management consulting (including his time at McKinsey), law, private equity, venture capital, public company CEO, and board positions in various sectors, he brings a wealth of experience to his endeavours.

His deep understanding of psychology and broad industry knowledge enables him to approach challenges from different perspectives. Rob's impressive background fuels his ability to provide comprehensive solutions, deliver impactful presentations, and contribute effectively to public, private, and not-for-profit organisations.

Colin Scotts

Colin Scotts 


Colin is the first Australian to win a football scholarship in the United States and has since had an outstanding career in the NFL, as a WWF pro-wrestler, a successful businessman in natural gas, telecommunications, and home health care to now an inspirational public speaker. He is an in-demand speaker with corporates, government, schools, and professional sporting teams.


Colin is also an active ambassador for Bluearth, a unique movement approach to learning that improves children’s behaviour, self-esteem, confidence, health, and academic achievements.

Lee Reynolds

Lee Reynolds 

General Manager

Lee is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse management career across finance, hospitality, disability accommodation, and the NDIS service provider sector. With exceptional leadership skills and strategic insight, he has consistently driven growth and profitability in various roles. His strong financial insight and understanding of complex economic landscapes have enabled him to make sound business decisions. 

Lee's extensive management experience and active board membership in the supported accommodation sector showcases his expertise in driving transformative change and delivering exceptional results. 


Ross Townhill 

B.bus(Acc), CPA, FNTAA

Board Member

Ross Townhill has more than 20 years of accountancy experience in the corporate sector, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of the most suitable financial and operational systems to meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses. 


He has an established track record of supporting businesses to achieve financial growth, implementing sound corporate structures, and applying his loyal work ethic to various environments to help a business’s longevity and market appeal.


Ross has proven expertise in controlling costs and planning actions according to budget requirements, as well as an ability to manage and positively influence team culture.

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